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Dec 14, 2022Liked by AutoMarketplace

Excellent, comprehensive article on EVs. There is nothing I could add to this other than to say a 240 mile-range Tesla that is realistically only about 80 miles doesn’t work for me at all. 80 miles is well within 1/3 to half of the miles I typically do in a shift. This is wholly unacceptable for me as an FHV driver and the fear of running out of power is real and not to mention the number of trips I would have to turn down once the range decreases to near zero miles.

I wish more analysis would have been made on the FHV profitability taking into consideration higher monthly car payments (due to vehicle being roughly 2-3 times of a typical gasoline engine vehicle) and disruption to income due to charging issues, which for me would be 2-3 times per shift in the winter, for example.

Thanks again for excellent analysis and reporting.

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