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🎙️ NYC TLC Driver‘s Car Stripped For Parts, What Happened?

🎙️ NYC TLC Driver‘s Car Stripped For Parts, What Happened?

AutoMarketplace founder Dawood Mian has a conversation with NYC TLC Driver Omik Zaman. Zaman's TLC-Plated 2020 Honda CR-V was stolen, stripped for parts and recovered

Note: This is the audio-only 🎙️ version of our video conversation (see below). The video version includes relevant footage and pictures, which may cause the audio version to have temporary silent periods.

When we recently saw NYC TLC-licensed driver Omik Zaman’s Facebook post about his vehicle being stolen, surgically stripped of parts and then recovered, we reached out. Our own fleet has been subject to theft and we know many other TLC drivers and fleets have had to deal with stolen vehicles and parts. Unfortunately, incidents of theft seem to be more common.

As we’ve covered, many TLC drivers do not have OR cannot afford ‘comprehensive & collision’ policies (“full coverage”). In many situations a driver or small business must pay "out of pocket" to fix physical damage to their vehicles. This is a unique problem that many non-commercial drivers often don’t face as “normal” car insurance usually includes ‘comprehensive & collision’ coverage, along with the required liability protection.

We hope you find the conversation insightful and here is a link to Zaman’s GoFundMe page. Zaman can be directly reached at

Video Conversation

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