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Here is the bottom line. To solve this problem the solution is fairly easy.

1/ stop issuing TLC licenses

2/ start issuing EV only TLC Plates for the already existent driver based on seniority meaning the longer tou were renting from companies like Tower Fast mobility etc the first in line to get an EV plate.

3/ limit the number of TLC plates giving in a single year.

4/ show documents of how much you spent renting thatโ€™s the only fair way to solve this problem.

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All reasonable suggestions. Some thoughts

(1) Would require something like 250 recorded TLC trips per year for a TLC Drivers License to remain active vs. completely stopping them OR would make exam harder / more expensive

(2) TLC Plate would be non-transferable to prevent natural attrition from occurring. Like the concept of seniority

(3) Would even make this more specific, would solve for a 'Trip per FHV' / driver earnings metric (supply & demand) when deciding to issue any new TLC Plates

(4) FHV Lease Caps and invoice breakdowns would bring more fairness & transparency to the leasing business

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