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I agree with your points myself over 20 years veteran renting out broken down cars 1600 monthly never got the opportunity to submit the form very unfair i cant understand how theTLC thought this was a fair process and even with all the negative feedback from weds are still continuing with the same platform

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This is typical TLC. Whether it’s devaluing yellow taxi medallions by 90%, making drivers go through duplicate processes for car safety, charging unreasonable fines to drivers that are mostly in the lower middle class, making us pay $150 for classes that a simple email can handle, and on and on. The TLC doesn’t THINK about their actions. Even with respect to Commissioner Do. That PR stunt of getting a TLC driver license is just that, a stunt. Commissioner Do would have better served his time trying to get an EV interest form application on Wednesday morning and really sense the frustration drivers feel.

I won’t even get into how NYC does NOT have the charging infrastructure for 100 new EVs, much less a 1,000. I think drivers are going to get screwed yet again but let’s see what happens.

The TLC should stop this environmental nonsense until the City is in a better position to charge EVs efficiently. Yes, it’s a wonderful goal but drivers in rentals are already driving fossil-fuel vehicles. They should open the vehicle-owner process for all types of fueled vehicles. It’s obvious now from Wednesday morning’s attempts by drivers that there are THOUSANDS of drivers desperate to own their own their own vehicles, even if it means driving an hour or more to charge their vehicles.

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Lot of thoughtful observations 👍 Also agree on your EV point, might be too early given lack of infrastructure and expense. Maybe allow hybrids as well in 400 remaining allocation and upon third renewal (after 6 years) of license that hybrid has to be an EV 🤷‍♂️

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The only people who will benefit here are the Tesla salespeople over the next few weeks. Don’t think tri-state EV dealers don’t know about this upcoming surge in demand. I suspect there will be no special pricing to speak of and prices may even increase over sticker.

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Application Period for 400 Electric Vehicle (EV) Licenses

The 30-day requirement in order to purchase and register an Electric Vehicle should be increased to 120 like the application on march 15. The justification for this is that Tesla (largest ev maker in the world) dealerships in the tristate area currently estimate that orders placed today may not arrive until July due to a surge in demand from the federal ev tax credits. This on top of the surge in demand from the ev license mandate will only serve to push back the availability of vehicles even further which will cause drivers who are eligible for the ev restricted plate to be unable to purchase a vehicle within the required 30 days.

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