Sitemap - 2021 - AutoMarketplace

Black Car & Livery Task Force Issues Report. From TLC Plate Cap, Advertising, Insurance to Rental Companies, We Summarize Its Findings

Outgoing Mayor Says Yellow Cabs Should Be Exempt From NYC Congestion Pricing. How About Other TLC Cars?

Facing $22,000+ Bill To Replace Out-Of-Warranty Battery, Man Blows Up His Tesla. Why Should You Pay Attention?

Incoming Mayor Eric Adams Re-Nominates TLC Chair Heredia Jarmoszuk & Appoints Ydanis Rodriguez as DOT Commissioner. Why It Matters?

NYC TLC Email Indicates Vaccine Mandate Will Be Enforced By Dec 27th. Will It Cause A Driver Shortage?

BREAKING: Via Appears To Be Ending NYC Rideshare Service on December 20th

Ford Mustang Mach-E EV Makes A Good Looking NYC Yellow Cab. Can It Give Tesla Competition?

Have You Seen The Black Car Fund (or BCF) Fee on Your Uber or Lyft Pay Stub?

Does Having A Nicer Car Automatically Lead to Better Passenger Tips? Is It Worth The Investment?

NYC TLC Drivers Could Appeal to Dept. of Consumer & Worker Protection To Protest App Deactivations

Uber Will Enable In-App Audio Recordings Plus Other Safety Features

CNN Takes Tesla Around Brooklyn in Full Self-Driving Mode. How Far Off Are NYC Robotaxis?

UberPool Relaunching Soon in NYC As 'UberX Share'. Why Drivers May Not Be Thrilled?

Unlicensed Driver High on PCP Crashes into TLC Car, Leaving Passenger Paralyzed

Medallion Owners Get City Guarantee & Better Restructuring Deal. Is Yellow Cab Crisis Over? 🚖

OPINION: Uber & Lyft NYC Driver Deactivations Should Be Subject to TLC Arbitration

50% of Hertz's 100,000 Tesla Model 3 Order Could Be Rented to Uber Drivers

NYC Yellow Cab Industry at Crossroads: From Hunger Strike to Celebrity Endorsements

New Uber USA Base Could Be Sign of Things to Come in NYC For-Hire Transportation Industry

TLC Confirms "Plate Cap" Extension & Calls Out Illegality of Selling FHV Licenses

How Does Inflation Impact NYC TLC Drivers?

NYC Taxi Medallions Should Be Fractionalized via NFTs To Drive Market Liquidity & Investment

UberTAXI? Uber Might Add NYC Yellow Cabs To Its App Soon

New TLC Office Will Regulate NYC Taxi Medallions. What This May Mean for Medallion Values (& TLC Plates)

TLC Driver Could Lose Eye After Cell Phone Attack

Gravity To Launch Manhattan EV Charging Hub

Congestion Pricing Hearings Begin. Why are Uber & Lyft Supportive? Medallion Politics Could Show Up

NYC TLC Extends Plate Cap As Senator Schumer Wants More For The Medallion Industry

NYC Flooding Exposes Lack of Comprehensive & Collision Insurance Coverage in TLC Industry

Why I Believe NYC Rideshare Will Be A Professional Full-Timers Market (Hint: Insurance)

NYC Yellow Cab Driver Discovers Unconscious Passenger, Thought to Be Drunk, is Dead

Unexpected Uber Background Checks Cause Already Screened NYC TLC Drivers To Lose Out On Earnings

NYC TLC Launches EV Pilot - Vehicles from Tesla, VW, Hyundai, Audi, Kia & Ford Pre-Approved

The Drivers Cooperative Head of Product Describes Vision for Driver-Owned Platform

Will NYC Require TLC Drivers to be Vaccinated in Order to Work?

Motorcyclist in Critical Condition After Crashing into Yellow Cab in Brooklyn

Violent Gang That Stole From NYC Rideshare Drivers Arrested in Large Police Operation

Medallion Values Still Depressed with Average Transaction Price of $107,378 in June 2021

Bullet Shatters NYC Cab's Windshield, Stopping in Cushion Near Woman's Head (NBC New York)

Revel To Launch NYC EV Rideshare Service, But Company Strategy Is More About EV Charging

Intel Owned Mobileye Becomes First Company to Test Driverless Cars in NYC

Drivers Set To Come Back To Platforms As Enhanced Unemployment Benefits Expire

NYC Driver-Owned Co-op Ride Looking to Crowdfund $1 Million to Spur Growth

Democratic Nominee for NYC Mayor Eric Adams Says "We Need Congestion Pricing $ ASAP" After Scenes Of Subway Flooding

NYC Now Has Worst Traffic In Country As Calls To Implement Congestion Pricing Increase

Revel Unveils EV Charging Hub in Brooklyn & Still Plans On Launching Its NYC Rideshare Service

How Many NYC TLC Drivers Rent Their Vehicle?

The $400 Per Week Camry & TLC Fleet Economics

UberPool, Lyft Line & Via Shared Rides Can Resume in NYC After 15 Month Hiatus

NYC TLC Votes to Remove EV Exemption, But Drivers Still Want Ability to Own Their Own Car

NYC TLC Removes EV Exemption Included in the FHV License Pause

Revel Rallies To Keep EV Exemption

NYC TLC Set to Remove EV Exemption from 'Plate Cap'...Revel's Plan May Have Caused Concern

Were Uber & Lyft Built on Venture Capital Subsidies?

TLC Driver Killed by Drunk Driver in Queens

Gravity Technologies to Launch Tesla Model Y NYC Yellow Cab Fleet

TLC Fleet Operator Behind First Tesla Yellow Cab Agrees Partnership with Battery Swap Company

Is American Transit, Largest NYC Ridehailing Insurance Company, in Trouble?

Man in Serious Condition After Fight With TLC Driver (NY Post)

Where Have All The Yellow Cabs Gone?

NYC Passengers Take Note of Surging Uber & Lyft Prices. Elevated Pricing Could Last All Summer

Uber Begins to See Drivers Returning to Platform

Driver-Owned The Drivers Cooperative Launches in NYC

Is the Uber Planner Returning to NYC?

Is an EV Revolution About to Begin in the NYC Taxi Industry? TLC Approves EV Pilot

Electric Moped Startup Revel Set to Launch Uber Rival with Tesla Model Y Fleet

Mob Attacks TLC Driver in Queens

As Uber & Lyft Recruit New Drivers, Some Existing Drivers Are Upset

Taxi Medallion Owner & NYC TLC Chair Call Gets Contentious

Uber Reports Highest Ever Gross Bookings, A Look Back To Uber's Original Investor Pitch Deck

NYC Medallion Owners File $2.5 Billion Class Action Suit Against City

DoorDash Drivers Game the Algorithm

Is Via Going to Exit the NYC Ridehailing Market?

Investment Firm Marblegate is Biggest Player in Taxi Medallion Industry & Betting on Recovery

Second Tesla Yellow Cab Fleet Emerges With On Site Fast Charging

Uber Passenger Robs NYC TLC Driver With Gun & Knife After Mask Dispute

BREAKING: TLC Announces It Will Maintain Plate Cap, WAV/EV Exemption Remains

Will NYC TLC Lift the Plate Cap?

Disrespectful Passengers & Driver Shortage Fears

Mayor Announces NYC Taxi Medallion Relief Fund

Tesla Model 3 NYC Yellow Cab Fleet Continues to Grow

Ample Launches Battery Swapping Program Targeting Uber Drivers to Promote EV Adoption

TLC Launches DriveNYCTaxi To Help Yellow & Green Taxi Owners Find TLC Drivers. My Thoughts On How the Industry Could Come Back

Blacklane Seeks to Carve Out Niche in Intercity Travel Ground Transportation

UK Rules Uber Drivers Should Have Certain Employee Protections. What the Latest Ruling Means for Uber & Lyft Drivers?

What Happens if a TLC Driver Refuses to Take the Vaccine?

Yellow Cab Crisis Attracts National & International Media Attention. Will the NYC Yellow Taxi Survive?

NYC News: TLC Driver Hospitalized After Attack, Tolls Set to Increase 7%, City Council Candidate Risks Losing Home Due to Medallion, Subway Adds 2 More Hours of Service, Woman Dies At Queens Car Wash

Yellow Cab Crisis Comes to a Head, Brooklyn Bridge Shut Down For Second Time in 6 Months

24/7 Vaccine Center at Citi Field Opens for NYC TLC Drivers, Food Delivery Workers & Queens Residents

Time It Takes To Repair Tesla May Prevent Widespread Adoption in NYC TLC Industry

Who's To Blame for the Medallion Crash?

Revel Plans EV Charging Hub in Brooklyn

NYC Can Now Vaccinate TLC Drivers. How Could This Play Out?

NYC Yellow Cab Drivers Continue to Push for Relief from Crippling Medallion Debt

Tesla Model 3 Yellow Taxi Involved in Crash on Long Island Expressway

Former TLC Commissioner: TLC Drivers Should be Prioritized for Vaccinations

Uber Green Launches in NYC. Should NYC TLC Drivers & Fleets Buy EVs?

NYC Rideshare Dash Cam | Car Flips Over Three Times due to Distracted Driving

Empty Uber & Lyft Vehicles in Manhattan May Face NYC Taxes

A Super Bowl Trip, a Bribery Indictment and the Taxi Industry’s Corruption (NY Times)

NYC Yellow Cab Industry May Collapse Without Debt Restructuring of Medallion Debt

NYC Taxi Group Says New York Not Paying Drivers Proper Unemployment

Lyft is Changing its Driver Matching Algorithm